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“There are no second chances at first impressions.” This is most certainly true of your home’s first impression as well. Your home may have the most amazing wood floors, fireplace, or pool in the backyard, however, none of that matters if the buyer isn’t interested enough to even want to step foot inside the home.

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Quality Shots

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A technique that has gained popularity with some clients is the dusk/dark technique. Many believe it helps sell properties and allows a bit more flexibility in scheduling a session. The setting sun allows the photographer to shoot the home from the best angle to showcase the house.

Extraordinary Images

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Whether its blankets of fresh cut green grass, a driveway done in pavers or vaulted ceilings, these days the focus is on aesthetics. This article will feature some of the most interesting interiors, spanning spaces that surprise, bewilder, stun and, above all, inspire a real-estate photographer and attract people to a home.



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