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Extraordinary Spaces and Photography

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Extraordinary Spaces Deserve Extraordinary Images

Whether its blankets of fresh cut green grass, a driveway done in pavers or vaulted ceilings, these days the focus is on aesthetics. This article will feature some of the most interesting interiors, spanning spaces that surprise, bewilder, stun and, above all, inspire a real-estate photographer and attract people to a home.

While constraints of shooting different rooms in the house present a challenge due to their angles,
size, shapes etc. it can force the photographer to be more creative with
lighting, composition and subject matter (items in the space).

Here are some tips to discuss with your real estate photographer on your walk through while making your shot check list to capture interesting Images, eye-catching photos of your home to attract buyers:

  1. Shoot from unusual angels
    1. This is a way to show parts of your home from unique angels and attract buyers with a view they haven’t seen before in real-estate photography. Helps your home stand out from the rest.
  2. Simplify the scene
    1. You might want to simplify your space for your photographer (declutter) so the main subject of the photo stands out, i.e. a good place to apply this tip is to kitchens, living area which are your money shots as well as tidying up the bathroom.
  3. Make use of natural light
    1. Windows are very important when photographing indoors as they are the only source of natural light for your photographer. Shine those puppies up!
    2. If the natural light is strong (don’t worry, a good photographer knows how to bring the view into the shoot), light colored semi-transparent curtains or blinds work really well at diffusing the strong sunlight to create a beautiful image.
    3. Diffusing the light creates a softer, more flattering light and helps to eliminate shadows created by a strong directional light source.
  4. Include windows in your shots
    1. As well as being a source of natural light, windows make great subjects in themselves, especially if you have great big bay or stain glass windows.
  5. Utilize color
    1. Believe it or not, color has a big visual impact on your photos and can evoke strong emotion.
  6. Capture decay and texture
    1. Capturing parts of the home that show age and decay will have fascinating textures and are great for bringing the photos to life, giving them tactile quality.
    2. For example when you see kitchens with distressed wood cabinets and modern elements; this creates the stylish retro “new/old” look that is trendy right now.

Prior to ever hiring a photographer, a realtor should be conscious of what shots will be important for a particular property so the photos will contribute to the sale of the home. The realtor will have a much better idea since they have had the opportunity to do the walk through, whereas the photographer may have not. With these few tips and an experienced real estate photographer, capturing the interior and exterior of a home can pull out some stunning shots that will be ready for your listing on the (MLS) Multiple Listing Service.