Home Staging Tips

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Home Staging Tips

Real Estate photography is vital to the selling process

Properly taken photographs will catch a potential buyer’s attention and could possibly lead to the sale of your property sooner. While your real estate photographer will ensure the best possible photographs, the homeowner can take steps to make certain the home is staged and ready for the photographer when they arrive.

Clean the Home:

While this may seem to be self-explanatory, there are details that many people seem to forget. For example, vacuum the carpet to where it has “lines” in it. When making the bed, make sure the sheets are not wrinkled, lying flat, and the open-end of the pillowcases are placed to where they face the center of the bed. In the kitchen and dining room, make sure all the chairs are pushed in and straight around the table. Ensure there are no fingerprints on any mirrors, windows, or glass doors. These may seem like very minor touches, but they make a huge difference.

Sterilize the Home:

This may sound like it’s the same thing as cleaning the home, however, it is not. During this step, the homeowner should remove any personal family photographs and memorabilia. While it is important for the home to feel comfortable, inviting, and homey, it is difficult for a potential buyer to see the property as their new home if there are photographs of your family. You should envision the homes you see in architecture magazines. They are warm and enticing, yet sterile.

Consider the Layout:

While the furniture placement may have been ideal for your family, it may not have truly maximized a particular space. That chair you have by the window for reading may be cutting off the overall flow of room, for example. The couch you have placed in front of the television may cause the space to seem incredibly smaller than if it were placed against the wall. If there is a feature in the home such as a fireplace, organize the room to highlight it. Take care to reduce any clutter in the room by minimizing the amount of furniture in the room.

Real Estate Photography is a team effort. The photographer is an artist that understands things such as lighting and composition. However, it is up to the homeowner to provide the best possible canvas for the photographer to work with.

Hiring a home staging professional is a great option, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, these three tips will certainly take your staging to the next level.