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Landscaping for Curb Appeal

“There are no second chances at first impressions.” This is most certainly true of your home’s first impression as well. Your home may have the most amazing wood floors, fireplace, or pool in the backyard, however, none of that matters if the buyer isn’t interested enough to even want to step foot inside the home. There is where proper landscaping is essential “curb appeal” is the biggest attraction for a home. Regardless if a buyer is shopping from the roadside or from properly taken real estate photographs, a potential buyer needs to “like the looks of the house.”


Landscaping Maintenance

While this may seem to be the most simplistic of suggestions, it is often the one that takes the most work. Maintenance is more than just mowing your yard. Yards, especially ones that photograph the most successfully have regular, planned ahead maintenance. Take care to rake the leaves, remove any dead or dying bunches, trim over grown shrubs, and make sure there are no weeds in your yard. Also, make sure that sentimental but faded out garden gnome or ADT Security sign is removed from next to your door and that all deck railings are in good repair with a fresh bit of paint.


Choose Your Own View

Strategically placed plants can hide views that won’t photograph well and that you, as a seller, may not want to advertise or emphasize. The camera doesn’t lie so if it is in the frame, it will be in the shot. However, a potential buyer may not find the proximity to Mr. Smith next door as cozy as you did. Properly placed plants and shrubbery can hide those pesky trashcans or toys that don’t seem to ever get put away next door. Additionally, be mindful of a plant’s season and the season in which you are planning to sell your home. Dead shrubs in the middle of winter are not very photogenic.


The Back Yard Matters

There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about a backyard with nothing but grass and a fence. Just as with the house itself, a potential buyer has to be able to visualize themselves living their life in that space. The addition of personalized touches such as fire pits, water features, and comfortable outdoor furniture will provide the photographer a great space to capture, as well as making sure your selling your buyer an inviting, relaxing paradise.


It can be very easy to get carried away financially with your landscaping. It is not necessary. Strategy, careful planning, and hard work can achieve the majority of what is needed to have landscaping that is picture perfect.